Rare Wildlife With The Worlds Best Trackers

The LUNGMĀR's serene valleys are home to snow leopards, blue sheep, Tibetan wolves, foxes, and more.

Our team crafts the most incredible snow leopard tours on the planet. Veteran trackers, highly-awarded conservationists, and engaging guides reveal the great mysteries our mountains.

We weave together the stories of our mighty wilderness with tales of our ancient culture. Stay with us besides a glacial stream. Walk with us through ancient valleys. Experience the magic of a search unlike any other.

Group wildlife tracking with our naturalists and spotters is included for everyone stay at the LUNGMĀR.

Join us in the red valley of the snow leopard.

A fox by the LUNGMĀR

The LUNGMĀR’s veteran team of highly-awarded snow leopard conservationists, trackers, and guides have over two decades of field time and international experience across snow leopard habitats. An indispensable part of our guests journey, they are the most sought-after trackers on the planet. Their knowledge and enthusiasm for our wildlife sets the global benchmark for snow leopard tours.

A Day Tracking The Ghost

Guests visit the LUNGMĀR for snow leopards. Snow leopards are crepuscular, meaning they are most active at dawn and dusk. Our spotters leave camp at dawn. One of our 4x4s drops them off at various points in different valleys. They scan the ridge-lines and slopes for wildlife, reporting any sightings back to camp. Usually guests start waking up around 7 AM. The SUMDO SARĀI is already warm and inviting.

The LUNGMĀR’s snow leopard trackers are world-renowned and legends. Senior trackers have two decades of experience, and work internationally on snow leopard expeditions across North India and Central Asia. All of them are equipped with the finest Swarovski optics.

Trackers and spotters work through the day, carefully scanning for wildlife and looking for signs. If a snow leopard is seen, guests head to the closest vantage point. They are either driven there or walk, depending on the spotter’s location. Our spotters at other locations pack up and converge on the sighting location. Under the leaderships of our Chief Tracker, they use their combined experience to decide on a plan for the day to best track the snow leopard for as long as possible. They take care to ensure they maintain appropriate distance and that the snow leopard, or other wildlife, is never stressed. Meals, coffee, tea, snacks, all keep arriving from camp for as long as guests are at a sighting.

Based on the days plans, guests accompany the spotters and trackers to various parts of the valley as they search for the snow leopard. Spotters, trackers, and the field team always point out interesting birds and wildlife, as well as share details about local life and culture.

Standard group wildlife tracking is included for all our guests. The groups sizes usually range from 6 to 8 guests per tracker, and the groups consists of various guests staying at the LUNGMĀR. For example, a couple could be paired with a group of 4 friends to make a group of 6. If they choose, guests can also upgrade to our private guiding service, where they can operate separately from our group wildlife tracking. This is our equivalent of a private safari. If a snow leopard is sighted, all groups will converge to the same sighting area to ensure all our guests get a chance at seeing it.

There will be opportunities to visit local homes and villages as well. These visits are an important way to understand what life is like in this beautiful region of the world, and how essential communities are to conservation.

Daily guided wildlife tracking may include driving, walking, hiking, or a mix.

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